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We make sure each client receives world-class service and an unforgettable experience. We bring the latest cosmetic procedures to our clients and able to produce results.

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Lip blush

Lip blush is a cosmetic procedure that has been gaining popularity in recent years, as it can enhance the natural beauty of lips and provide a subtle but noticeable enhancement to one’s appearance. Lip blush is a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves applying a pigment to the lips to create a natural-looking flush of color. This technique can help to define and shape the lips, as well as add volume and depth to them.

Micro blading

Microblading is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves creating natural-looking eyebrows through the use of a manual blade. This technique is designed to mimic the look of individual eyebrow hairs, resulting in a more realistic and natural-looking brow. During a microblading appointment, a trained professional will work with you to determine the ideal shape and color for your eyebrows. The blade is then used to create small,

Scar camouflage

Scar camouflage is a cosmetic procedure designed to conceal and reduce the appearance of scars on the skin. This technique involves using specialized pigments that are matched to the individual’s skin tone to create a natural-looking cover-up that blends seamlessly with the surrounding skin. During a scar camouflage appointment, a trained professional will assess the scar and determine the ideal color and technique for camouflaging it.

Powder brows

Powder brows is a cosmetic technique that involves using a manual or digital machine to create a soft, powdered effect on the eyebrows. This technique is designed to mimic the appearance of makeup, resulting in a fuller and more defined brow. During a powder brow appointment, a trained professional will work with you to determine the ideal shape and color for your eyebrows. The machine is then used to deposit tiny dots of pigment into the skin.

Micro pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, is an innovative technique for enhancing facial and body features. We offer Hair Micro Pigmentation, or Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP), a non-surgical procedure that replicates natural hair follicles on the scalp, allowing individuals to achieve their desired appearance. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to deliver beautiful and natural-looking results. We work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

Nano brows

Nano brows is a cosmetic technique that involves using a digital machine to create fine, hair-like strokes on the eyebrows. This technique is designed to create a natural-looking eyebrow enhancement that can last for up to two years with proper care and maintenance. During a nano brow appointment, a trained professional will work with you to determine the ideal shape and color for your eyebrows.

Peri medical tattoo

Peri Medical Tattoo Service is an innovative solution for individuals who have undergone surgical procedures or suffered from medical conditions that have left them with scars, discolorations, or other cosmetic issues. Our expertly trained medical tattoo artists specialize in creating realistic and natural-looking tattoos that blend seamlessly with your skin, covering up any imperfections and restoring your confidence.

Ink less scar camouflage

Inkless Scar Camouflage Service is a revolutionary technique for camouflaging scars without the use of traditional tattooing methods. Our expertly trained technicians use a specialized blending technique that matches your skin tone and texture to create a natural-looking finish that effectively conceals scars. Our Inkless Scar Camouflage Service is a non-invasive alternative to traditional.

Freckles and beauty marks

Freckles and beauty marks are often considered unique and charming features that can add character and interest to one’s appearance. However, not everyone is naturally blessed with these features, which is where freckle and beauty mark services can come in. Freckle and beauty mark services involve the application of semi-permanent pigmentation to the skin to create the appearance of natural-looking freckles or beauty marks.

Services Menu

Service Price Duration Category
Lip blush 450.00 2:30 Lipblush
Microblading 500.00 2:30 Micro blading
Scar camouflage 200.00 2:30 Scar camouflage
Powder brows 650.00 2:30 Powder brows
Ombre brows 650.00 2:30 Ombre brows
Scalp Micropigmentation 500.00 2:30 Scalp Micropigmentation
Inkless scar camouflage 550.00 2:30 Inkless scar camouflage
Peri medical tattoo (Areola) 700.00 2:30 Peri medical tattoo (Areola)
Scalp Micro pigmention 600.00 2:30 Scalp Micro pigmention
Nano brows 650.00 2:30 Nano brows
Freckles and beauty marks 50.00 0:30 Freckles and beauty marks

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